Airport entrance at night

Services Provided to the Commission

In the acquisition of goods, services, and construction, the Commission is governed by a set of Procurement Regulations that is amended from time to time. View current contracting opportunities here.

At the Airport

Businesses are not permitted to conduct business-related operations at Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport without the specific authorized written approval of the Commission.  Commercial solicitation is also not allowed in the airport facilities without written approval of the Airport Commission (this includes, but is not limited to the placement of leaflets, pamphlets, and other written commercial materials). Permission for these activities can be granted on a case-by-case basis in the form of a permit, license, lease or other similar agreement with Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport. Information regarding airport business opportunities may be obtained through Contact Us.

Non-Commercial Leafleting, Signs and Other Similar Activities 

The Roanoke Regional Airport Commission has developed a set of rules and requirements for activities related to leafleting and placement of non-commercial materials and signage. An application must be filled out and submitted to the Commission for approval. Applications may be obtained through Contact Us.

Commercial Filming and Photography

An application must be completed to request use of the Airport and its facilities for commercial filming or photography. The application is available through Contact Us. Permission to film or photograph will be granted after review of the potential impact on airport passenger, business and operations, and is subject to the execution of an agreement between the Roanoke Regional Airport Commission and the interested production or photography company. Agreements typically include a site fee(s), appropriate levels of insurance coverage, restrictions on days and hours of operation, and other contractual limits and requirements.