front of airport terminal via vantage of parking canopy

A parking lot enhancement project to enhance and make the existing parking experience at ROA more efficient kicked off in February 2024.

The Short-term and Long-term Lots in front of the Terminal were built before the popularity of SUVs and larger trucks with narrower spaces and drive lanes. This can make it difficult to maneuver into spaces and around the lots. While portions of the lots have been repaved, the majority of the lots need to be repaved and restriped. Enhancements will include lot repaving and restriping, larger spaces and drive lanes, new LED lighting, and infrastructure to support electric vehicle charging.

The project is expected to last approximately 15 months.

Project Details



  • Phase 1 to open July 8: All parking on the east side of the covered walkway will reopen to new parking on July 8.
  • Phase 2 kicks off: Short-term parking on the west side of the covered walkway will close to new parking on July 2. All cars must be removed from the lot by July 8.
  • Phase 2 temporary blended pricing structure: Beginning July 8, all parking lots in front of the Terminal will shift to a blended price of $12 a day until the new exit plaza for Preferred Parking is operational following Phase 2 (first 30 minutes: free; 31-60 minutes: $3; each additional hour or portion of: $3; 24-hour max: $12). Economy parking, located across Aviation Drive, remains $8 a day (parking rates).
  • Free 30-minute parking: While there is no Cell Phone Lot currently, parking in all lots is free for the first 30 minutes.
  • Don't cut it close: Please give yourself plenty of time to locate parking, check your bags, and make your way through the checkpoint.

Phase 2 - 86 Days; graphic shows eastern short and long-term lots closed. Phase 1 opened - Barrier between Short-term and Long-term parking remains open for exiting. Cell phone lot remains closed 


The primary project focus will be in the Short-term and Long-term Lots in front of the Terminal. The Economy Lot located across Aviation Drive will be fully used for parking during some construction phases.


The project will have four phases and is anticipated to be completed in around 15 months. It kicked off in Q1 (February) 2024.


  • Lot repaving and restriping
  • Larger spaces and drive lanes
  • Improved traffic flow entering, exiting, and throughout the lots
  • New entry and exit plazas with wayfinding signage
  • Infrastructure to support electric vehicle charging stations
  • New LED lighting
  • Parking product rebranding to make it easier for customers to decide where they'd like to park based on location and value


  • Specific lots may be closed to new parking depending on the construction phase. Follow all signage to avoid parking in one of these areas.
  • Give yourself extra time to find parking. Plan and decide in advance where you will park. There will be sufficient capacity to accommodate parking during construction in the open lots in each phase and in the Economy Lot across Aviation Drive.
  • The Economy Lot across Aviation Drive will remain open and will cost $8 a day (previously $9). The lot may be used fully for parking in multiple construction phases. Employees will be asked to park in the southernmost portion of the lot to accommodate paid parking.
  • The Cell Phone Lot has closed and is open to paid parking. Free 30-minute parking is available in all lots for short-term parking.
  • Online parking reservations will be suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Project Phasing

 Phase 1 - 121 days; kicks off February 2024; graphic shows all Eastern short-term and long-term spaces in front of terminal red; cell phone lot entrance closed and lot opened for paid parking

Phase 2 - 86 Days; graphic shows eastern short and long-term lots closed. Phase 1 opened - Barrier between Short-term and Long-term parking remains open for exiting. Cell phone lot remains closed

Phase 3 - 94 days; phase 2 opened - Barrier between short-term and long-term parking remains open; graphic with portion of western long-term lot closed

Phase 4 - 85 days; 1574 parking spots available; cell phone lot remains closed and open for paid parking. Graphic shows back portion of long-term lot at west closed

Completed project graphic; shows all lots open to paid parking with categories: Preferred, Standard, Economy



Why are you embarking on this parking project?

ROA’s convenient parking facilities enhance the flying public’s experience at the Airport. The primary parking lots in front of the Terminal have remained largely unchanged since the Terminal opened. There are opportunities to improve the current parking experience as well as address deteriorating pavement and infrastructure.

This project has been in long-term planning for years. The design and layout of the lots were completed before the popularity of SUVs and larger trucks with narrower spaces and drive lanes, often making it difficult to maneuver in and out of spaces and around the lots. The majority of the pavement needs to be replaced and restriped.

As the existing lot footprint is expected to meet forecasted demand for the foreseeable future, the Airport aims to maximize the efficiency of the existing lots and enhance the parking experience for passengers.

Are you adding additional parking spaces?

Not at this time. The project focus is extending the life of the existing parking facilities and improving the customer parking experience. The current number of parking spaces is meeting passenger demand now and is expected to continue to meet the forecasted demand for the foreseeable future. The Airport Master Plan has identified multiple options for future parking expansion as demand grows.

Why are you eliminating the Cell Phone Lot? 

The Cell Phone Lot is mostly underutilized. By opening the lot to paid parking (approximately 50 spaces), it will be used optimally. The first 30 minutes of parking is free in all lots.

Where will ride-share vehicles and pre-arranged taxis wait? 

Pre-arranged taxis and reserved ride-shares in the Airport queue may park in front of the Terminal in the second lane from the Terminal (designated ride-share waiting area). Ride-shares can also access any Airport lot via the free 30-minute parking if no passenger has been assigned yet. The farthest south portion of the Economy Lot (closest to Sam's and the Aviation Drive and Towne Square Drive intersection) is a good option for waiting.

Is this parking lot project part of the Master Plan?

Future parking requirements are a key tenet of the Airport Master Plan. As we look at the next 20 years of growth, we need to consider not only passenger traffic through the Terminal, but also Airport roadways and entrance, parking, curbside demand, rental car pick-up and returns as well as the off-airport traffic flowing around the Airport.

The Master Plan proposes significant expansion and centralization of all parking, keeping a walkable distance to and from the Terminal, and minimizing pedestrians crossing busy interchanges.

Additionally, ROA continues to focus on new and upcoming vehicle technology in our parking lots, planning for electric vehicle charging, and other changes. 

Will you be installing electric vehicle charging stations as part of the project?

Electric vehicle infrastructure (pathway conduits) for up to 24 vehicles will be installed as part of the project. The Airport is currently exploring potential funding sources for the actual EV charging equipment and will seek to expand the number of EV spaces as demand grows.

How much will the project cost?

The project is expected to cost approximately $10 million. It will be debt-funded and re-paid by revenues generated directly by the Airport, as an investment to protect the Airport’s largest source of revenue, parking. 

Will rental car parking, pickup, or drop-offs be impacted?

There are no anticipated project impacts to rental car lots, pickups, or drop-offs.

Do you recommend passengers get a ride or use ride-share, taxis, and public transportation during the construction?

Catching a ride or using ride-share, taxis, and public transportation are always great options for getting to and from ROA. Valley Metro offers convenient transportation in and around Roanoke with a stop at ROA. The Smart Way Bus, operated by Valley Metro, offers transportation to and from Blacksburg/Virginia Tech, Christiansburg, and Salem with a stop at ROA. Information about ride-share, taxis, and hotel shuttles can be found here.


Will accessible parking be impacted?

Accessible parking will remain available. If you have any questions or difficulty locating a space, please call the parking team at 540-362-0630 for immediate assistance.

How can I find out about project updates? How do I share a question, feedback, or a concern?

Community awareness is a critical component in all phases of project planning and implementation. Parking impacts and changes will be communicated continually. The latest project information, updates, and impacts will be communicated with the flying public and Airport employees at the beginning of each construction phase and on an ongoing basis across a range of formats such as signage (in and around the lots and Airport); this website; social media (Facebook; Twitter); and local media. Community members and employees can share their questions and feedback by emailing

What if I park in an area that is or goes under construction?

It is our goal to provide significant advanced notice via signage and other outreach channels before any lot closures. If vehicles remain in construction areas, they will be relocated within the Airport's parking lots. Impacted parties should contact the Interflight Parking team at 540-362-0630 for assistance.

Who is the project contractor?

Branch Group