Landside Vision

The parking and rental car access at ROA significantly enhances the experience that people have at our airport, and our landside services are actually our major source of revenue. As we look at the next 20 years of growth, we need to consider not only passenger traffic through the terminal, but also the parking, arrival and rental traffic that occurs adjacent to our building.

This is our plan for the future:

  • Rental Car Expansion: We recently built a new rental car facility, which adds a lot of capacity, and we know we will need to expand this further in the future.

  • Improved Parking: We know we need to identify areas for increased parking, especially to accommodate forecasted increased passenger activity, and we need to have a plan to respond to a positive air service game changer if one comes along. Additionally, ROA continues to pay attention to new and upcoming vehicle technology in our parking lots – like self-parking and other autonomous vehicle behavior. Our plan will enable flexibility to change the use of our lots to meet future needs based on new technology.

  • Arrival Cell Phone Lot: This option would make free parking available for picking up arriving passengers, not only improving the wait time experience but also freeing up traffic flow in front of the airport.

  • New Overflow Parking Lot: During holidays and other major annual events when there is increased demand for parking close to the passenger terminal, a new overflow parking area would be activated to accommodate the increased traffic.