Terminal Vision

We have space constraints, many of which are the result of how much in-airport operations changed after 9/11. Those constraints will only be enhanced as our traffic grows over time.

Our plan needs to include modifications to open up the terminal and better reflect traffic behaviors in 2020 and beyond.

Here’s what is being proposed:

  • Expand Holding Room Space: Right now, our hold rooms are tight, especially with larger aircraft and popular flights like Allegiant’s. As aircraft size increases, we also need to add space to the hold rooms to accommodate higher passenger numbers per flight and more people traveling with carry-on luggage.

    Our goal is to widen both sides of the terminal to allow for more space and flow.

  • Reopen Gate 1: If you weren’t aware, our TSA operations currently take place in Gate 1, which was a temporary solution made in response to space requirements from TSA after 9/11. Gate 1 will be needed to accommodate more flights in the future, and so the TSA security checkpoint will need a new space.

  • Relocate and Expand TSA: Our plan proposes relocating TSA toward the front of the building where Hudson is now to allow us to expand the security area to better manage heavy TSA times like early mornings or holidays or student arrivals. Our building currently has a choke point at the top of the escalator, and the current TSA location creates issues with flow when those lines back up.

    The proposed location offers convenient access to the administrative hallway and restrooms and keeps the elevator and meet-and-greet spaces open.

    Expand the Meet-and-Greet Area: We have more people waiting outside the terminal now for arrivals than we used to and we need a better space for that purpose. An expanded meet-and-greet area would be added near the area where McAlister’s is now – not only for additional gathering space but also to keep the elevator area free and clear of backed-up traffic.

  • Expand Concessions: Since 9/11, there’s been reduced concessions activity pre-security. TSA is often the most stressful time and people just want to make it through and relax while waiting for the flight in the holding area. Airports everywhere have had to focus on creating more post-security concession options, and right now our space past the checkpoint could be improved.

  • Widen the Terminal: Widening the terminal will create options for a better airport experience and could potentially open up the option for adding more gates if needed in the future.