What is the purpose of the Airport Master Plan?

The Airport Master Plan is a comprehensive study to evaluate and determine long-term development plans for Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport, extending through the next 20 years. Plans reflect not only the potential for development, but also the funding, environmental, and socio-economic considerations for the region to ensure growth can be accommodated in a socially and fiscally responsible manner.

Why is ROA conducting a master plan now?

The previous Airport Master Plan update was completed in 2008. Since that time, the Two Valley Region has experienced significant economic growth, triggering increased demand for nonstop destinations to the west and along the north-south corridor. An Airport Master Plan is necessary to prepare the airport to meet the anticipated increase in demand for commercial and general aviation services, as well as to examine opportunities to support future economic and development uses.

What are the components of the Airport Master Plan?

The Airport Master Plan will focus heavily on forecasting demand for the next 20 years, as well as anticipating the implications for land use and infrastructure improvements needed to support regional growth. At the same time, the plan will work to coordinate with key community initiatives that may be impacted by future airport growth and development. Specific plan components also include:

  • Analyzing existing and future airfield upgrades
  • Identifying critical aircraft
  • Evaluating terminal, general aviation, and ground transportation facility needs
  • Examining land uses on- and off-airport to promote economic development and compatible land uses
  • Developing finance plans to fund anticipated capital projects

Who is preparing the Airport Master Plan?

In 2019, the Roanoke Regional Airport Commission initiated a Request for Proposal from qualified airport planning firms to assist the airport in the development of its Master Plan. Following a qualified review process, the Commission selected RS&H to undertake the study.

How can I get involved?

Three public workshops will be held during 2020 to engage members of the community in the Master Plan process. You may also share questions or feedback with us at any time on the public comment section of this website.

Who approves the Master Plan?

The Airport Master Plan will be approved by the Roanoke Regional Airport Commission. Once approved, it will formally be used as a conceptual framework to guide future plans and modifications for the airport. While the Master Plan serves as a guide for what is possible, any upgrades or development the airport makes will still be approved by the Commission separately.

How is the Master Plan Funded?

It is important to understand that the Master Plan, and the alternatives that are proposed as part of the final document are NOT taxpayer funded projects. The airport is a self-sustained enterprise that does not use local or regional tax dollars. All projects proposed in the Master Plan will be paid from Federal and State grants or revenue generated directly by the airport and approved by the Airport Commission.