Cargo Vision

The cargo functions at ROA are a vital component of our operations, and also a significant contributor to the regional economy. Our cargo operations ensure products and deliveries arrive to keep local businesses and households going.

The option shown here will allow ROA to streamline cargo operations to improve efficiencies and create room for more cargo operators and operations as demand grows.

  • New Truck Maneuvering and Vehicle Parking: Right now, our cargo operations are in a confined area, which creates challenges for operators when loading and unloading cargo. We foresee a need to add more space and options for truck docking, as well as employee parking. This will offer our cargo tenants options to further expand their operations and provides the airport with a lot of flexibility for future accessibility and cargo use. This flexibility allows us to maintain safe operations as cargo demands increase, but also offers an attractive option for operators looking to expand.

  • New Cargo Building: A new cargo building would better accommodate additional processing capacity and modernize facilities for better operations by the cargo tenants.

  • Aircraft Parking Positions: To provide adequate space to meet the demand for number of cargo aircraft parking positions and allow for future growth and potentially attract additional operators.